Veenu Sandhu is one of the actors of A Million Little Things, portraying the role of Dr. Jansen.


Early lifeEdit

Not much is known about Sandhu's early life. She grew up in Dawson Creek, a small town in northern British Columbia. Later, she chose drama as her minor while pursuing her Psychology degree at the University of Alberta. Eventually, she committed to the arts when she enrolled at Vancouver Film School in 2006.


Sandhu's theatrical credits include the female version of The Odd Couple (Frolicking Divas), Eurydice (Secretly Women), and The Vagina Monologues (HIV North). Along with performing in a number of commercials, Sandhu's TV credits include Arrow (The CW), Somewhere Between (ABC), The Whispers (ABC) and Lost In Space (Netflix).

In 2018, Sandhu was cast as Dr. Jansen on A Million Little Things.

Personal lifeEdit

Sandhu married Devin Downton on August 2, 2009. They currently live in Vancouver.


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