A Million Little Things Wiki
Hi! I'm ReverieCode, a Wiki Representative at Fandom. I'm available for a set of wikis to provide general assistance.

I can help with technical issues (around wiki editing, templates, CSS, light and dark themes), lend a hand in the wiki's design if needed, deal with social or editing disputes, and more. Feel free to contact me if you need any advice!
Some Notes     show / hide
  • You will know I'm the Wiki Representative for your wiki if I've introduced myself to the community as one, or if I appear in your wiki's Special:Community page. But if you're unsure, you can always ask!

  • If you need to contact me via Discord and we don't share any servers in common, you can send me a friend request. Make sure to let me know here on Fandom first, though, as I'll only accept requests I recognize. (Or, you can join Fandom's Discord server, and then we will have a server in common.)

  • Regarding adoption requests: if your request has been completed and you have questions about it or need to share more information, you can always leave a message on my wall. However, note that if the request was denied, it's because it doesn't meet our adoption guidelines in some way, and asking me to reconsider or ignore the rules isn't going to work. (Please, only appeal if you have a good reason to do it.)