Sprague Grayden is one of the actors of A Million Little Things, portraying the role of Lindsay Saville.


Early lifeEdit

Not much is known about Grayden's early life. She was born on July 21, 1980 in Manchester, Massachusetts, USA to two schoolteachers. Sprague is her mother's maiden name. She had a younger brother, Benjamin Grayden, who died in 1999 due to injuries sustained in a fall.

Grayden graduated with a degree in American Studies from Barnard College, where she was a performer of the drama department. She was also a performing member of the drama department.


Grayden's theater credits include productions of Hopscotch: The New York Sex Comedy, Eve Ensler's The Vagina Monologues, Sam Shepard's Fool for Love, Hamlet, Clifford Odets' Waiting for Lefty, and Ordinary Day.

In 2006, Grayden was cast as Heather Lisinski in the cult hit post-apocalypse drama Jericho. She was also cast as Donna Winston in the outlaw biker series Sons of Anarchy, as Karen Kawalski in John Doe, and as Olivia Taylor in the television thriller 24. In 2010, Grayden was cast as Kristi Rey in Paranormal Activity 2 and its sequel Paranormal Activity 3, while appearing in archive footage in the fourth film of the series.

Grayden's other television credits include guest appearances on Crossing Jordan, One Tree Hill, CSI: NY, Private Practice, CSI: Miami, Criminal Minds, Law & Order: Los Angeles, House M.D., Grey's Anatomy, Just Add Magic, and Major Crimes.

In 2020, Grayden was cast as Lindsay Saville on A Million Little Things.[1]

Personal lifeEdit

In January 2013, Grayden announced she had married her 24 co-star Alexis "Lex" Cassar. She gave birth to their son in September 2014.

Grayden endorsed Senator Bernie Sanders for President in the 2016 U.S. presidential election.


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