Sophie Dixon is a main character on A Million Little Things.

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As Delilah is in the delivery room, Sophie is in charge to call and message the rest of the group about the baby's birth. However, she refuses to stay in the room as her mom is giving birth. Later, she is present with the rest of the group when Regina tells them that both Delilah and the baby daughter are okay. For the next two days, Sophie supports her mother as much as she cans, including when Delilah is trying to breastfeed her newborn daughter. Sophie also notices Danny's sadness, after the lactation specialist harshly rejects the baby bottle he bought for the baby. The next day, Sophie tries to comfort his brother, by telling him that their sister is finally coming back home, but Danny is still unhappy. At the hospital, Regina tells Sophie that, despite her first reluctance, she is allowing Sophie to drive home Delilah and the baby. Sophie is really happy about the news. Later, back at the Dixons, Sophie is present with the rest of the group when Delilah opens gifts and announces the name of the baby: Charlotte Dixon. Then, the entire group takes a photo in the baby's nursery under Jon's jersey. That night, Sophie and her mother watch Danny giving baby formula to Charlotte with the bottle he bought. ("Coming Home")

After school Sophie walks into her bathroom to find Eddie and Rome with her little sister Charlotte in the steam shower. She laughs and takes a photo of them before leaving. ("The Perfect Storm")

Sophie is excited to be taking a family photo with her new sister. Trying to ignore Daniel's excessive need to find his missing wallet. Everyone is ready for the photo, but Danielle keeps acting up and doesn't want to take it. They interrupted when they hear a knock at the door, a man returns her little brother's missing wallet that had their father's ID in it. He gets upset and runs away, much to her annoyance. Their mom finds them and agrees to start a new tradition. All their parent's friends show up and they take a large group photo. ("Austin")

Sophie joins everyone after school when she finds out Gary's dog is missing. She meets up with Regina who texted her and Rome and is introduced to Patrick Nelson. All walking together looking for the dog, Patrick steps away to talk to his father. When he returns he takes her hand in the two begin walking together again. They soon find scooters and continue on away from the adults. Sophie shares a story about how her father always left her the white candy and she would eat the pink. Later that day back at Gary's they still haven't found his dog. Sophie gives Patrick the white candy before he leaves to go home. He quickly returns upon hearing the dog through the garbage chute. After finding Colin, Gary thanks everyone for their hard work, especially Patrick. ("Unleashed")

Gary is at the DMV waiting alongside Delilah as both Maggie and Sophie are trying out for their driver's license. Sophie gets her driver's license, but Maggie has a panic attack. To celebrate her daughter getting her driver's license her mom presents her with the car her dad bought the year she was born. Presenting her with her brand-new 16-year-old car. Sophie and Daniel immediately take a ride together. Later they all arrived together to celebrate Theo's 10th birthday. She soon invites Patrick over and they go for little joy ride together. Thinking Patrick has romantic feelings for her she attempts to kiss him only for him to pull away disgusted. Embarrass you tries to drive back to the party but crashes into a pole. They are both fine and her mother soon arrives. ("Ten Years")

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FatherLenny FaracheCharlotte Farache
Jonathan DixonDelilah DixonEddie Saville
Sophie DixonDaniel DixonCharlotte Dixon


  • Delilah and Eddie only had an affair, and have never been married.

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  • Casting describes her as "Jon and Delilah's 16-year-old daughter who loves her guitar. Sophie is a moody, goth teen with a tender vulnerability just below her tough exterior".[1]

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