This page is dedicated to the third season of ABC's A Million Little Things. The renewal was announced on May 21, 2020.[2] Filming began on August 27, 2020 and will end on May 17, 2021.[3]

The season will consist of a total of eighteen episodes.[4] It will air on Thursdays at 10:00 PM.[5] It will premiere on November 19, 2020 with "Hit & Run".[6][1]

Storyline InformationEdit

Unresolved storylines from the end of Season 2:

  • Eddie's fate: will he survive or not? If he does survive, how his family life will change after his accident? If he does not, how Katherine and Theo will cope with his death?
  • Rome and Regina's relationship, and if they will be able to overcome their failed adoption. Will Regina still be angry at Rome? Will Rome's depression return or not?
  • Gary choosing Darcy over Maggie, and how this new love story will evolve.
  • Delilah's new relationship with Miles, and how it will evolve now that Sophie and Danny met him.
  • Maggie admitting her real feelings to Gary, and her fellowship at Oxford.
  • The mystery surrounding Alex Stewart's death at the lake.

Confirmed new elements/information about Season 3's storyline:

Season SummaryEdit


Friendship isn't a big thing. It's a million little things. Our gang ended last season with many challenges in front of them. In season three, we'll see our group of friends once again lean on each other in ways that are both moving and aspirational—something we could all use right now.

When we last saw Rome and Regina, they were about to adopt their son, only to have Eve, the birth mother they had come to know and love, change her mind. With that, Regina finally broke, leaving Rome at a loss as she heartbreakingly admitted: “You made me want this.” Rome and Regina must now face the challenge of moving forward—but how can they move forward from the loss of a child? Especially when that child is still alive, being loved by someone else.

As for Delilah, while she has been having fun with Miles, she begins to question if “having fun” is enough. While Sophie embarks on a journey to pursue her music and Danny discovers his confidence at school, Delilah sees her older children growing into young adults, even after losing their dad. And when Delilah realizes that her time with her own father is limited, she makes a life-changing decision.

When we left Gary, he had just made the difficult choice to pursue his new relationship with Darcy and leave his romance with Maggie in the past. As Gary begins to navigate dating Darcy, he encounters an unexpected challenge when he finds himself becoming an instant father figure to kids of his own. But the process of stepping into these fatherly shoes causes Gary to reflect on the way he himself was raised and make a life-altering decision.

Meanwhile, on the heels of confessing her feelings for Gary, Maggie arrives in Oxford. But her conviction to find out who she is without cancer is renewed when her new roommate Jamie encourages her to create a podcast, chronicling her experiences at Oxford and finding her voice. Maggie's British alter ego allows her to take chances and live outside her comfort zone—while she's literally living outside her comfort zone. But when unforeseen circumstances throw a wrench into her plans, we see Maggie finally bloom into the person she's always wanted to be.

As for the Savilles, we left last season with a big cliff hanger. Is Eddie dead or alive? While the premiere will answer that question, what we'll see this season is that Katherine and Theo will never be the same. They must tap into their strength and redefine their lives, leaning on each other like never before. Through their story, we will follow two mysteries: Who hit Eddie that night? And was this accident really an accident?

And just when the friends seem to find their new normal, their lives are upended when, like ours, COVID-19 rocks their world. We'll see the topics our show depicts—depression, breast cancer, chemical dependency, domestic violence, friendship, family and love—and how all of them are heightened by the challenges our world is facing right now. And we'll rediscover what our gang has always known in their hearts: With the love and support of your friends, you can get through anything.[11]









Hit & RunEdit

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See main article: "Hit & Run"

Original air date: November 19, 2020

Written by: DJ Nash & Michelle Leibel

Directed by: Nina Lopez-Corrado

Plot Synopsis: TBA


Gallery of videos used to promote the season.


Gallery of photographic stills used to promote the season.


  • Per DJ Nash, he is the one who picked the number of episodes for this season.[17]


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