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Rome Howard is a main character on A Million Little Things.


Early life[]

Rome studied at a film school, and ended up being judged by his father for this choice. Eventually, Rome shot his thesis on old cameras. ("Grand Canyon")

Season 1[]

Season 2[]

Rome is at the hospital for the birth of Delilah's daughter. While in the waiting room with Gary and Eddie, the latter tells them they are all going to go pick up the baby crib. While in the parking lot at the hospital, Gary confronts Eddie that he is the father of Delilah's baby as Jonathan got a vasectomy two years ago. Rome is very surprised he did not know. Days later, the boys go to pick up the crib and end up stealing the display one because they can't wait any longer for one to arrive from Pittsburgh. Rome also confronts Gary about keeping the secret of Jon's vasectomy, before confessing that he is plagued with thoughts and desperately wants kids. That night, Rome tells Regina the same thing and admits though he wants kids, he wants her more. ("Coming Home")

Rome was struggling all day with how to take his first phone call at the suicide hotline. He soon got a phone call from Patrick and agreed to meet him at his apartment after work. While PJ was looking over his things he saw a picture of him with all his friends and asked who one of the guys was. He told him it was Gary, but PJ wanted to know who the other guy was. Finding the suspicious he stopped PJ at the elevator asking how he knew who John was. Patrick confided he thinks Jonathan is his biological father. ("Grand Canyon")

Rome was rather flabbergasted when PJ extended he thought John with his biological father. He wanted to be walked through and asked how he knew, and decided over-hearing part of the conversation in a video was concrete enough evidence. But was informed about the half a million dollars Johnson left them he thought differently. Later Central still trying to get his book published he you was asked if he would want to make more changes including adding an injury for more dramatic effect. Later PJ returned with the red sweater that had been missing and wanted to get DNA off the sweater to find out if Jonathan was his father. He told PJ that there was both Gary and bones DNA on the sweater so they would have no way of knowing for sure. But Patrick wanted to go ahead with it anyway. This along with talking to Regina about wanting to go public with the money she donated to the women's shelter, Rome decided he also wanted to make a stand and not changing things about his book. Wanting it to remain true-story. ("Mixed Signals")

Rome spends the morning helping Regina take out a loan against their house so she can pay Andrew back. Rome agrees to babysit Delilah’s baby for the day. After an awkward interaction between himself, Eddie, and Kathryn, Eddie decides he wants to stay to help babysit too. While trying to stop Charlie from crying, they find themselves in a steam bath with her. Sophia walks in and takes a quick photo. The boys then meet Regina at her restaurant during the blackout. ("The Perfect Storm")

Rome was at work finishing up his new car commercial when he was surprised with a visit from his wife, Regina. The crew take a small break and when they start filming again, Regina realizes the conversation the couple is having in the commercial was the same one they had in their life about wanting kids. She becomes upset with him and leaves. Later, he is talking about it over lunch with Eddie and Gary, who offer no real support what so ever. After the shoot they meet his parents at Regina's restaurant for a surprise. He is hoping his father, Walter Howard has finally got his mom, Renee Howard the Alaskan cruise she has always wanted. When it comes time for him to present the gift, he does not disappoint. However, he does add that once the cruise is over he no longer wants to ever hear about it again. This greatly upsets his mom who leaves. He goes to talk to his mother, while Regina talks to his father. He finally got his mom to accept his dad's apology, but he refuses to apologize. Later that night, Delilah called them to join the large group family photo. Afterwards when it looks like his mom will be spending the night, his dad is dressed in his full military formally uniform to ask her to go on the cruise with him. She accepts. While getting ready for bed, Regina confronts him about her hurt feelings about the commercial he made. They both agree it's time for a talk on what they want. ("Austin")

Rome is at his apartment with PJ once again talking about the possibility of Jonathan being his biological father. They receive a frantic phone call from Gary about his missing dog. Rome and Regina decide to head over there, but Patrick wants to come along. Rome agrees only if Patrick agrees not to say anything. When they get to Gary's house everyone splits up, Regina & Rome go together with Patrick and are soon met up with Sophia. Rome spends the entire day worried the kids might like each other, unaware that they could be related. By the end of the day, Rome confesses to Regina his worries. Not long after, Patrick realizes Colin has been trapped in the garbage room the entire time. Rome calls Gary to tell him the good news. ("Unleashed")

Rome and Regina are watching baby Charlotte for Delilah. They're having trouble deciding who should take her as they both have things to do. Regina agrees to take the baby with her over to Katherine’s. While hanging out with the boys and Eddie confesses he almost broke his tenure sobriety, but was interrupted by his son looking for his hockey stick. During Theo's birthday party, Patrick who was invited over by Sophie, arrives. Concerned Rome tells PJ that might be his half-sister, PJ admits he only wants to know more about his father That night after the party Regina and Rome find a box at their door. It is the long-awaited DNA confirmation results about PJ. They open the box, and it confirms that Jonathan is Patrick's biological father. ("Ten Years")

Season 3[]

Season 4[]


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  • Shelly and Ronald are divorced.


  • Casting describes him as "a depressed but very successful commercial director. Not quite the gig he went to film school for, he longs to be doing something more important than making the cheese in a Little Caesar's pizza look delicious on camera".[1]


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