Regina Howard is a main character on A Million Little Things.

Biography[edit | edit source]

Early life[edit | edit source]

When Regina was only 12, she was not invited to the dance at her school, feeling like the reason was she was the only African-American girl in her class. Her uncle found her in her bedroom, alone and sad. Knowing that she had not been invited to the school dance, Neil felt bad for her and said to her "Don't worry about the boys at school. I think you're beautiful". Then, Neil asked Regina to take her shirt off, which Regina did, as she needed to feel beautiful that night. After that, she was molested. The next day, Regina told her mom about what happened her that night but was told by her, "You must have misunderstood him. He was just trying to comfort you". Regina then cut ties with both her mom and her uncle. ("Someday")

When Regina was 16, she got her first job in a little Italian restaurant in Somerville, Massachusetts. She used to come early and stay late, which allowed her to leave her house easily following her assualt four years ago at the time. She started off as a dishwasher, but helped the cooks with whatever they needed like peeling potatoes or chopping onions. That is where Regina met Albert. Every day before their shift, Regina and the rest of the restaurant crew used to have a family meal together, after they cooked whatever was left over from the day before. It helped Regina to feel like she had a real family. ("The Perfect Storm")

While Regina's first restaurant was still open, she met Elon, a "very talented" psychic. They became really close as Elon used to eat at her restaurant. After the closure of her restaurant, Elon gave a reading to Regina, predicting that she would open another restaurant one day. Despite their friendship, they did not see each other since 2014. ("Grand Canyon")

Season 1[edit | edit source]

Season 2[edit | edit source]

Regina stays with Delilah during the entire time of her delivery, recording the process for everyone to see later. When Eddie shows up, to witness the birth of his daughter, she admits that she knows about the baby's real fatherhood and lets Eddie taking her place next to Delilah. Later, Regina announces to the entire group that Delilah and her baby daughter are okay. Over the next couple of days, Regina completely redecorates the baby's new bedroom, while sending the boys off to get the crib they were to have already picked up. At the hospital, Regina is upset by the tone that Dawn used to talk to her and Delilah. Later, Delilah finally arrives home with her newly named daughter Charlotte Dixon. Everyone opens gifts and takes a photo in the baby's room. Later that night, Rome confesses again he still wants kids, but he understands they made an agreement, and he wants Regina more. ("Coming Home")

Regina was in the middle of cooking when she received a phone call from Delilah. She told her she couldn't really talk and she had a 45-minute wait, only to find out Andrew had been talking to Delilah about their restaurant. Later she introduced her old friend Elon, who ended up joining Delilah, Maggie and Gary for lunch. Regina was excited with, how well brunch had gone and ignored Andrew's passive-aggressive comments. The next day she overheard Andrew making some changes, and demanded to be informed of all future activity. He insisted he was only doing it for the best of the company, but she said she knew how to run her own restaurant. Days later when they were slow she looked out to see only a couple of tables were full. That night she called Andrew to apologize, ready to take his advice. ("Grand Canyon")

Regina started the day off with a phone call from Delilah who was at the park with Charlotte. She was annoyed at all the young mothers and Regina tried to tell her not to worry. Later she had her first attend with Andrew about making changes to the restaurant. She agreed to look into some new organic food suppliers, that didn't want to change the food, and also agreed to see someone in social media. Regina was also again asked by the charity she had chosen to donate to if she wanted to remain anonymous and she said she did they printed up her photo in the brochure in case you wanted to change your mind after seeing it. The next day when they had their meeting she was very annoyed to find out how much Andrew was using her to gloat. This very much upset her and later at home with chrome, she'd rented it ever brought back feelings of when she was sexually assaulted and a man was holding power over. She finally felt brave enough and did want her donation to be made public. ("Mixed Signals")

Regina spends the morning, taking out a loan up against her house in order to pay Andrew back. Regina is upset that her restaurant isn't doing as well as she hoped. She has decided to buy cheaper fish, and is looking for other ways to cut corners. Unfortunately there is a blackout and all the power goes out. She is dumbfounded at what to do, but luckily Albert takes charge and organizes the kitchen. A random construction worker comes in, and she offers to cook him a plate. Being reminded of a childhood memory of eating food with strangers, she inspired he tells his friends and coworkers. Soon the restaurant is full of strangers all eating together. Not long before the power comes on, her entire group of friends join her at the restaurant. ("The Perfect Storm")

Rome was at work finishing up his new car commercial when Regina surprised him with a visit. The crew takes a small break and when they start filming again, Regina realizes the conversation the couple is having in the commercial was the same one they had in their life about wanting kids. She becomes upset with him and leaves. Later she is on the phone with Delilah, both discussing the problems. Afterwards, they meet his parents at her restaurant for a surprise. Rome is hoping his father, Walter Howard has finally got his mom, Renee Howard the Alaskan cruise she has always wanted. When it comes time for him to present the gift, he does not disappoint. However, he does add that once the cruise is over he no longer wants to ever hear about it again. This greatly upsets Renee who leaves. Rome goes to talk to Walter, while she talks to his father. Rome finally gets his mom to accept his dad's apology, but he refuses to apologize. Later that night, Delilah called them to join the large group family photo. Afterwards when it looks like his mom will be spending the night, Walter is dressed in his full military uniform to ask Renee to go on a cruise with him. She accepts. While getting ready for bed, Regina confronts him about her hurt feelings for guarding the commercial he made. They both agree it's time for a talk on what they want. ("Austin")

Rome & Regina receive a frantic phone call from Gary about his missing dog. They decide to head over there, but Patrick wants to come along. When they get to Gary's house everyone splits up, Regina & Rome go together with Patrick and are soon met up with Sophia. Rome spends the entire day worried the kids might like each other. By the end of the day, Rome confesses to Regina his worries, PJ might be Johnotha's kid. Not long after, Patrick realizes Colin has been trapped in the garbage room the entire time. Gary returns home and thanks everyone. ("Unleashed")

Rome and Regina are watching baby Charlotte for Delilah. They're having trouble deciding who should take her as they both have things to do. Regina agrees to take the baby with her over to Katherine’s. While there, Katherine explains her side Regina changes her original respondents and now agrees with Katherine, thinking, in the long run, it will be a good idea to. During Theo's birthday party, Regina tells Delilah to maybe be more open to the idea, and Delilah is upset she no longer sides with her. Patrick arrives after being invited over by Sophie, concerned that they might be related, Rome confirmed to Patrick who Sophie might be to him. He admits he only wants to know more about his father, but Sophie thinks she likes him romantically. That night after the party Regina and Rome find a box at their door. It is the long-awaited DNA confirmation results about PJ. They open the box, and it confirms that Jonathan is Patrick's biological father. ("Ten Years")

Season 3[edit | edit source]

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Walter HowardRenee HowardNeil BishopShellyFatherJanet
Omar HowardRome HowardRegina Howard


  • Shelly and Regina's Father are divorced.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Casting describes her as "a talented chef with dreams of opening her own restaurant one day. She is living proof that there ourselves, but this bond will tested as she helps her husband confront his depression".[1]
  • Malia Baker was credited as "Little Girl" in "Someday".

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