Patrick "PJ" Nelson is a character on A Million Little Things.


Early lifeEdit

When Patrick told his father that he wanted to study at an art school, Mitch was not thrilled or understanding. ("Grand Canyon")

Season 1Edit

One day, knowing that all Jon's friends would be at the hospital, Patrick decided to go there and meet them. ("Grand Canyon")

TBA ("The Rosary")

Season 2Edit

While the entire group is at the hospital for Delilah's childbirth, PJ enters the Dixons' house and steals an old photo book of Jonathan Dixon and his mother. During his therapy session with Maggie Bloom, he confessed he does not think he is his father's real son. Later, back at his home, PJ is looking at the photos of Jon and Barbara, still thinking that Jon is his biological father. ("Coming Home")

Mitch asked Patrick what he was doing in the Brookline the other day, and Patrick insisted he was seeing his new girlfriend. When he pressed the issue, PJ got annoyed and left. Later that night while at Rome's house he was looking over photos and found one with Jon and it. He asked Rome who the other guy was, only for him to confirm it was Jonathan. Outside of the elevator, Rome confronted PJ, asking how he knew the other guy, Gary was, having not met any of his friends. Patrick confided that he thinks Jonathan is his real father. ("Grand Canyon")

PJ was forced to explain himself to Rome, after dropping his bombshell that he thought John with his father. Rome demanded an explanation and he confessed, that he overheard his mom talking after he watched the video left to his mother by Jonathan. He also heard about money that was left, telling Rome his friend left their family half $1 million. Rome was blown away by the news.

Later that day he purposely ran into his mother in the kitchen, informing her he had applied for many arts scholarships but didn't think you would get them. He asked if there was any money stored away for him and she told him there was none, annoyed at being lied to PJ nodded and left. Later that day he returned to Rome's apartment and brought up the fact that he stole the missing red sweater. He wanted a DNA tested to find out for sure if Jonathan was his father. As he was already convinced that Mitch was not his father. Rome agreed and even offered to pay for PJ's DNA kit sample. They both agreed to send away his sweater. The next day PJ dropped it off at the mailbox. ("Mixed Signals")

Rome is at his apartment with PJ once again talking about the possibility of Jonathan being his biological father. They receive a frantic phone call from Gary about his missing dog. Rome and Regina decide to head over there, but Patrick wants to come along. Rome agrees only if Patrick agrees not to say anything. When they get to Gary's house everyone splits up, Regina & Rome go together with Patrick and are soon met up with Sophia. They are all walking together looking for the dog, Patrick steps away to talk to his father. When he returns he takes her hand in the two begin walking together again. They soon find scooters and continue on away from the adults. Sophie shares a story about how her father always left her the white candy and she would eat the pink. Later that day back at Gary's they still haven't found his dog. Sophie gives Patrick the white candy before he leaves to go home. He quickly returns upon hearing the dog through the garbage chute. After finding Colin, Gary thanks everyone for their hard work, especially Patrick. ("Unleashed")


  • Casting describes him as "a young man Rome meets. Like Rome, PJ has had some dark days and their encounter proves meaningful to both of them in ways each of them doesn't even fully realize at the time."[1]
  • By the events of "Goodbye", Patrick is 17 years old.[2]


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