Patricia Bloom is a character on A Million Little Things.

Biography[edit | edit source]

Early life[edit | edit source]

Around 1987, Patricia married Eugene Bloom. ("Grand Canyon")

At 26, Patricia gave birth to her daughter, Maggie Bloom. ("Miles Apart")

Every Christmas, Patricia and her family would go to a cabin on Pontoosue Lake and one minute before midnight on New Year's Eve, they would jump into the lake for a swim. ("Austin")

In 2013, Patricia's son Chad was in a car accident. She arrived at the hospital and was told he was going to die due to receiving traumatic brain injury from not wearing his seatbelt. She agreed to donate his heart before he passed away. Not wanting to upset her husband or her daughter Maggie, she told them that he died at the location of the car wreck. ("The Perfect Storm")

After Chad's death, Patricia went to a psychic to try to contact him, as she wanted to believe that he was still there. ("Grand Canyon")

Sometime around 2019, she wrote a letter to a man named Eric who she thought to have her son's heart, unaware it was someone else Eric knew. They decided to meet in Boston. ("The Perfect Storm", "Guilty")

Season 1[edit | edit source]

When Rome visits Maggie, he asks her why she is packing everything in boxes. After pretending she is just putting her stuff in storage, Maggie admits she does not want her mom and dad to have to pack up after her death, so she is doing it while she still cans. ("Fight or Flight")

One day, Patricia receives a call from Maggie, who tells her that her cancer is back. ("Twelve Seconds")

Patricia arrives at the hospital for her daughter's surgery. She then meets Gary Mendez trying to make a parking spot she taken from him. They argued. When she gets inside, she meets Rome Howard. While she is reluctant at first, she and Gary soon bond in the multifaith prayer room. ("The Rosary")

Season 2[edit | edit source]

Patricia texts her daughter asking if she could stay the weekend. Upon arriving, Patricia has multiple suitcases, where she is then forced to inform Maggie and Gary that she would be staying a little bit longer and has left her husband. This caused an argument between her and her daughter, and she insists that after 32 years of marriage it was simply no longer working. Later, she is distraught at hearing the news that psychic had conjured her son Chad. Later, she texts Gary to ask the name of a good restaurant. Unfortunately, Maggie shows up and saw her with Eric. ("Grand Canyon")

Patricia is in her daughter's apartment crying on the phone with Eric. She confesses you do know how to make everyone happy, but is interrupted by the arrival of her daughter Maggie. The latter is furious and demands to know why she came to visit. Patricia admits she came to see both her and Eric. This upset her and she storms off. The next day however she receives a phone call to come for lunch with Maggie and her boyfriend Gary. She brought Eric along. ("Mixed Signals")

Maggie is upset with her for bringing Eric to breakfast. She soon Patricia confesses that Eric has her dead son's heart. Maggie is very upset with her mother and leaves. Not sure what to do she decides to go home early, after Gary convinces her to patch things up with her husband, reminding her that Eric is not her dead son. While at the airport she finds Maggie, and accidentally reveals she has seen Eric before when she came in Boston for her daughter's surgery. This makes Maggie upset while Patricia goes home. ("The Perfect Storm")

Eventually, Patricia learns that Eric lied about having Chad's heart. As Maggie is ready to move to Oxford, she packs everything in boxes while she is on the phone with Patricia. The latter apologizes for not being there to help her. She then asks how her friends took the news about Oxford, including Gary. She tells Maggie that she feels bad about what happened with Eric and that she hopes Maggie and Gary did not break up because of that. When Maggie tells her they broke up for another reason, Patricia asks what was that reason but Maggie refuses to answer. ("Mothers and Daughters")

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