Neil Bishop is a character on A Million Little Things. He was the abusive uncle of Regina, and older brother of Shelly.


Early lifeEdit

At some point in his life, Neil sexually abused his little sister, Shelly. Refusing to face what happened to her, Shelly never talked about it and kept acting like nothing happened. ("Someday")

When Regina was 12, Neil found her in her bedroom, alone and sad. Knowing that she had not been invited to the school dance, Neil felt bad for her and told her "Don't worry about the boys at school. I think you're beautiful". Then, Neil asked her to take her shirt off, which Regina did, as she needed to feel beautiful that night. After that, Neil molested his niece. ("Someday")

The next day, Regina talked about what happened to her mom but Shelly, still refusing to face her own abuse, told her "You must have misunderstood him. He was just trying to comfort you". ("Someday")

Regina then cut ties with her uncle and mother. ("Someday")

Season 1Edit

When Regina asks her mother to help her to finance her future restaurant, Shelly borrows the money from Neil as she does not own that kind of amount. Neil wants her sister to tell Regina that the money comes from him, but Shelly refuses, knowing Regina's resentment for Neil. ("Secrets and Lies", "Someday")

Later, a dying Neil is admitted to St Evelyn's Hospital. ("Someday")

On the day of the restaurant's opening, Neil e-mails Shelly, wishing her and Regina good luck for the big night. Later, Neil also e-mails Regina and tells her that he is glad that everything worked out for her, prompting Regina to discover that the restaurant's money came from him and not her mother. When Regina decides to go to St Evelyn's and confronts Neil about what he did to her, she discovers that Neil died a few hours before her arrival. ("Someday")


Season 1Edit

After Neil's death, Maggie helps Regina to realize that she was probably not the only girl that her uncle molested, and that her mother might be one of his victims too. When Shelly arrives at the hospital, Regina confronts her, and helps her to face and accept what Neil did to her when she was young. Later, after the successful opening, Regina decides that she would give all of Neil's money to a women's shelter, as she starts to reconcile with Shelly. ("Someday")

Eventually, thanks to Andrew Pollock's investment in the restaurant, Regina is able to give back Neil's money. ("The Rosary")


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