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Margaret "Maggie" Bloom is a main character on A Million Little Things.


Early life[]

Season 1[]

Season 2[]

Maggie is riding in the car with Gary Mendez back from the cemetery, when they get a call about Delilah Dixon going into labor. They arrive at the hospital and sit with the rest of their friends in the waiting room. Eventually, Delilah gives birth to a baby girl. A couple of days later, while finishing unpacking at Gary's house, Maggie discovers that Gary threw out all her medication, which upsets her a lot. Later, during one of her therapy sessions with Patrick Nelson, the latter tells her that he does not think he is his father's son. Eventually, Maggie goes to the hospital to accompany Delilah and her newborn daughter home, where she tells off Dawn, who kept insisting that Delilah must figure out how to breastfeed her daughter. Maggie eventually confesses to Gary that she was so upset because when he threw out her medication because the last time she did it, she discovered that her cancer came back a day later. ("Coming Home")

Maggie reluctantly informed Gary her mother was coming to visit. Though he was happy about it, she was not. Her mom texted that her cab was outside, and they were surprised at how many suitcases she had brought. She took the opportunity to inform them she was going to be staying longer and had left her husband. Inside the two argued, and her mother insisted that after 32 years of marriage they have simply fallen out of love. On the way to the restaurant, Maggie called her dad who confirmed the same thing.

At the restaurant, they were met by Regina's old friend Elon who joined them for dinner. He informed them he was a psychic, and Delilah decided to make an appointment with him. She and Gary joined her first support and were surprised when he conjured up the spirit of her dead brother, Chad Bloom. This very much upset Maggie and made for a long car ride home. She later went for a jog to clear her head, and Gary told her her mother was sitting alone at a restaurant and insisted they try to work it out. When she arrived she flirted with a guy who offered to buy her a vodka for a dare, and when she's turned around saw him kissing her mother. ("Grand Canyon")

Maggie was very annoyed the next morning, while Gary asked her annoying questions. She confessed she saw her mother at the bar Gary had told her to go to and seen her with Eric and they were in a relationship. She had no proof that she was positive. Angry she went to work but was debatably happy to see Gary visit her. He brought her inexpensive latte and between clients in wanted to talk out his own problems with her. The boat had about a civil conversation while trying to be third-party observers to their own problems. She confronted he was bringing up her mother while avoiding his. This obviously struck a chord with him but it was interrupted by one of her patients before he left, though not upset.

The next day Gary convinced her to go to her old apartment and visit her mom so she did. And was fearless to find her mother on the phone talking to her boyfriend Eric well crying, wishing she could make everyone happy. This infuriated her more and when she asked her mother if she came to see her or Eric, Patricia said both but Maggie knew that was a lie. After storming off she was once again convinced by Gary to invite her mom over for lunch. And was left even more distraught when she brought along Eric. ("Mixed Signals")

Maggie is upset with her mother for bringing Eric to breakfast. She purposely dances around who Eric is to her. Finally confessing that Eric has Chad’s heart. Admitting that years ago when he died, she arrived at the hospital and agreed to donate his heart before he passed away. Not wanting to upset her husband or Maggie, told them that he died on the spot. Maggie is very upset with her mother and leaves. Gary tries to run after her in the rain, but she insists she wants alone time. Later Eric picks her up, and they go to a bar together. He brings up his own dead fiancée. He later drives her to the airport, to say goodbye to her mom. Only for her to find out, her mom had visited Eric before. She leaves upset and cries in Eric's arms. Gary sees them, and ends up driving her home. They accompany each other to Regina's restaurant during the blackout. ("The Perfect Storm")

Maggie is getting ready for a run when Gary scares her, not realizing she had her headphones in. He asked if she wants to come with him to the anniversary of being cancer-free, but she insists she has to stage the house, so it's ready for the market. She has a quick sit down with Delilah & they discuss the reader who said he communicated with her brother. Unable to shake this feeling, it begins to consume her for the rest of the day. Later Delilah again asks her for advice on what to do with her kids. Maggie goes to visit Erik at work at his music store. And cries in his arms about her brother. Later she ends up playing the piano and asks why she stopped. She admitted it was because of her cancer, and he answered she'll gets back into it. Delilah again called her to join the large group family photo. There she tells Gary that she's been so distant because today she finally threw out her funeral plans. Afterwards she goes to her apartment and sings a song. ("Austin")

Maggie and Gary are walking Colin when Gary asks what she did the night before. Maggie lies and says she was at her apartment and playing the piano. Before they can get inside the house, Colin wants to relieve himself again. Gary heads upstairs before Maggie takes a phone call from Eric. Eric casually mentions he saw Gary at the open mic the night before. Realizing Gary now knows she lied, Maggie heads upstairs to do damage control. Only for them to both realized that Colin is missing. Frantic they both search the surrounding blocks. Soon all their friends arrive to help them look. Knowing Gary is annoyed with her Maggie volunteers to stay behind at the house, calling all the animal shelters. Eric stops by, but the mood changes when Gary walks in. Eric excuses himself before Maggie and Gary get into a fight. Gary admits he thinks it's incredibly bizarre how Maggie is trying to replace her dead brother with Eric, upset Maggie leaves. An entire day has gone by and still, no one has found Colin. Upon leaving to go home PJ hears barking coming from the garbage chute. He tells everyone and they all had to the basement, where Colin has been trapped all day. That night Gary thanks everyone for all their hard work, and especially Patrick. Once everyone has gone home, Gary privately apologizes to Maggie for his outburst. Maggie gives him bad news about a missing dog poster that looks exactly like Colin from a year earlier. ("Unleashed") Gary is at the DMV waiting alongside Delilah as both Maggie and Sophie are trying out for their driver's license. Sophie gets her driver's license, but Maggie has a panic attack and doesn't even take the test. Back at home, Gary is debating on whether or not he should give Colin back to his rightful owner that he found the other week. Durring Theo's birthday party He leaves early to say goodbye. Gary finally decides to give the dog back when Maggie shows up agreeing to take him. Having raced to the DMV to get her driver's license. Maggie takes the dog, leaving an emotionally upset Gary. Halfway during her journey, Maggie turns around remembering the dog looked exactly like Colin at that animal shelter The couple end up arriving at the old lady's house together, and both give Colin to her, she is ecstatic to have her go back. Once they get back inside the car, Maggie reveals that that was the dog from the pound, and Colin is still in the back seat. ("Ten Years")

Season 3[]

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  • Maggie Bloom is named after DJ Nash's aunt Madi, who was selling flowers and who died of cancer.[1]
  • Casting describes her as someone "who is amazing and comfortable in her own skin. She's a therapist and her career and her life are focused on the emotional".[2]
  • Maggie's blood type is A negative. ("The Rosary")


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