Katherine Saville (née Kim) is a main character on A Million Little Things.


Early lifeEdit

Katherine married Eddie Saville in late 2007. ("One Year Later")

In April 2011, Katherine started working at Newman, Duffy & Han, where Carter French became her assistant. ("Change of Plans")

Season 1Edit

Season 2Edit

Katherine is hit with a bombshell when Eddie Saville informs her that he is the real father of Delilah Dixon's baby. At that moment, she receives a message informing her that Delilah is in labor. Katherine then forces Eddie to go to the hospital, and be present for the birth of her daughter. For the rest of the day, Katherine tries to keep up the appearance of being fine with Theo . They cook cookies together. However, that night, Katherine makes the decision to leave, as she is unable to deal with Eddie's news. She instructs Theo to call his father, before asking him to watch something on his tablet for the next 30 minutes. When Eddie arrives, Katherine already left. For the next two days, Eddie tries to discover where Katherine left, without success. Eventually, Katherine's mother, Joo Hee, sends him a message, telling him that Katy has been hiding at her home. Eddie goes to see her, trying to convince her to come back home, and promising that he will do anything to prove that he is worthy of being her husband. However, Katherine refuses, and she stays at her mother's. ("Coming Home")

Katherine eventually decided to return home and was immediately greeted by her son Theo. Eddie informed them that it was gardening day and she decided to join them. While planting flowers Theo bragged about how his mom saved the Grand Canyon in five days. The two other mothers laughed at her, as they had already enjoyed gossiping about her. Katie excused herself to get more dirt, and Eddie joined her seeing how upset she was. He decided to cut things early and they all went to get some sweets.

While watching Eddie and her son outside Katie debated leaving again, then came upon the fort they had built in her absence. They had been camping together, and she confided to Eddie that she didn't know what to do anymore. She eventually asked the gender of Delilah's child. Katie congratulated him on his daughter. That night she said good-night while his father stayed up reading to him a book. She eventually decided to come back and joined them. ("Grand Canyon")

Katherine woke up beside Eddie to find Theo missing. She was possibly too worried but relieved when she found him in the kitchen, he had been trying to make pancakes but settled on cereal. Later she received another surprise when Theo said he wanted to go to his first sleepover. She helped him pack even including his poster. She and Eddie were originally going to stay in, but not wanting to be remembered of good times they went to a dive bar. There they played pool which Catherine was excellent at, and after kissing they received a phone call Theo wanted to be picked up. They did as asked and he admitted he was too scared to even eat, and they decided to eat dinner at home. While making cookies Theo informed his mother he had taken her suitcases she couldn't leave again. This notably distraught her. ("Mixed Signals")

Eddie was originally planning to drop off his gift for the new baby with Theo before school, but Katherine needed to switch. He reminds her of the gift, and Theo insists they all go together. Delilah greets them at the door. Theo sings to everyone including Rome, who is there to babysit for the day. Katie can't stand being around them and heads for her car, Delilah tries to stop her, that Katie doesn't want to hear it. While at work she confesses to Carter about her situation. He tells her to give it her all, or nothing. After work, Katherine meets everyone at the restaurant and addresses the entire group to stop tip-toeing telling around her. ("The Perfect Storm")

Eddie and Katherine are reading Theo a good night story when he demands to be proven right about a dinosaur fact. The next day, Eddie confront her about what he saw on her computer, and she admits she was looking at new places but wants all of them to move to Austin with her. Wanting to make her feel better, Eddie takes her to an open house where they give themselves new names and identities. They then hook up in the walk-in closet. Delilah later calls them to come to her family photo-shoot, to announce the birth of her child. They agree and both show up. That night when tucking Theo into bed, he asks if they will ever have another kid. Katherine informs him that they will not. Back in their bedroom, Eddie kisses her good night before going to sleep on the couch. ("Austin")

Eddie calls Katie to see if she can help, and she soon decides to take a day off work in order to watch [Charlotte so that Edward can help Gary find his dog. Katherine spends the day with Charlie, and they even go to the park together. While there she confesses to another mom, that Charlie is her husband's love-child with another woman. Later that night when Delilah returns home, she thanks Katherine and gets her Jonathan's old whiskey set. Katherine admits she no longer wants to lie to everyone about who Charlie is. This doesn't seem to sit well with Delilah. ("Unleashed")

Katherine and Eddie are getting ready for Theo's 10th birthday party. When arriving home Katherine tells Eddie she doesn't like the arrangement that he and Delilah made without her. She doesn't like this open secret about who baby Charlotte is. Regina comes over to Katherine's to help set up the birthday party and make a cake for Eddie, who is secretly also celebrating 10 years being sober. While together Katherine confesses she enjoyed being open and honest about who baby Charlotte was to her. She doesn't want to lie and thinks they should come out and tell the kids because all the adults know, and she can't stand this open-secret anymore. Knowing this, Delilah and Katherine ignore each other throughout most of the birthday party. However things come to a head when the party is over, and all three argue about what to do in the front yard. Afterwards, Katherine and Eddie privately celebrate his 10-year sobriety. ("Ten Years")


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Delilah DixonTheo Saville
Charlotte Dixon


  • Eddie and Delilah only had an affair, and have never been married.


  • Casting describes her as someone "who was once the fun one in the group but now is the mom to a son she loves while juggling being the parent she wants to be with her very successful law career".[1]
    • Additional description says that Katherine "is living the plight of every working mother. A loving mom, she's juggling being the parent she wants to be with her very successful legal career. And there's a frustration that comes from feeling like being good at one requires compromising the other. When she married Eddie, he was a successful musician. But now that she's the sole provider, Katherine is the one who has to be the rock star".[2]
  • In the unaired pilot, Katherine was portrayed by Anne Son.[1] When the series was picked up by ABC, it was also revealed that Son was leaving the project and that the role would be recast.[3] On June 27, 2018, it was announced that Grace Park would play the role of Katherine.[2]
    • DJ Nash later commented that Son "was wonderful but we didn't feel the chemistry between Eddie and Katherine. And with where we were taking their story in the first season, we needed to be able to root for them."[4]
  • In "Band of Dads", when Eddie enters his bedroom, the shape of Katherine appears under their sheet, confirming her presence. However, she was played by an unknown extra as DJ Nash confirmed that Grace Park would return in the third episode.[5]
  • In "Friday Night Dinner", Katherine's phone number is registered under the name "Katherine Saville" on Gary's phone.[6] However, per the first season's marketing, Katherine seemed to use her maiden name, "Kim", as last name. It was changed in the marketing for Season 2 as Katherine is now credited "Katherine Saville" or "Katherine Kim Saville".
  • By the events of "The Rock", Katherine is 38 years old.


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