Joo Hee Kim is a character on A Million Little Things.


Early lifeEdit

After her family moved from Korea to the USA, Katherine's mother worked as a seamstress so she could make money and still be at home with her young daughter. She eventually taught Katherine how to sew, but also to never play with her food. ("Christmas Wishlist")

Once Katherine and Tina moved out their parent house, their mother turned their old bedroom into a sewing room. ("The Rock")

Season 1Edit

One day, Katherine calls her mother, asking her if she could come over to keep Theo for a couple of hours. She explains that she was supposed to have the afternoon off, but a last-minute change came up and she can't miss it if she wants to become partner. When her mother wonders why she does not ask Eddie, Katherine explains that she does not want to as it is supposed to be her time with Theo. Then, when her mother mentions that she thinks they should not have split up, an annoyed Katherine cuts the conversation short, telling her mom that she will ask someone else to keep Theo, before hanging up her phone. Later, when Eddie is surprised to see Hunter and his son with Theo, Hunter explains that Katherine asked him to watch over Theo until her mom arrives. ("Perspective")

Some months later, Eddie and Katherine discuss who they could choose as Theo's legal guardian. When Eddie suggests his mother-in-law, Katherine explains that she does not have the energy to fully take care of Theo and that the language barrier would be too much. Later, Eddie mentions that Katherine's mother picked up Theo from school, who is psyched to spend the night with his grandmother because they would sew. ("The Rock")

Season 2Edit

One day, Joo Hee's daughter Katherine arrives suddenly and stays a couple of nights after dealing with complications in her marriage. Eventually, Joo Hee sends a message to Eddie, telling him that Katherine is at her house. Eddie comes to talk with Katy, but she refuses to go home with him. ("Coming Home")

Katherine was reminded of finding out about Eddie's love child, and when she ran to her mother's, who took her in. ("Grand Canyon")


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