Gary Mendez is a main character on A Million Little Things.

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Upon returning back from his visit at the cemetery, Gary and Maggie get a message that Delilah has gone into labor. They all arrive at the hospital, waiting for the good news. Eddie, Rome and Gary leave before Delilah gives birth to pick up the baby crib. After both Eddie and Rome confesses their situations with their wives, Gary confronts Eddie about being the father of Delilah's baby, as Jon got a vasectomy two years ago. Then, he convinces Eddie to go back upstairs to stay with her in the delivery room. Days later, when wanting to help Maggie unpack, Gary throws away her medication, upsetting her a lot. Then, the boys all gather together to steal an already paid for credit. Later, as Eddie meets Katherine at her mom's house, Rome confronts Gary about Jon's vasectomy and admits that he was hurt that he did not know. Gary then comforts Rome about his decision to have a baby. Later, everyone meets at the Dixons, where they open gifts with baby, Charlotte Dixon and take a group shot in the new baby's bedroom. That night, Gary apologizes to Maggie for throwing away her medication & comforts her under the shower to prove to her that she is not alone anymore. ("Coming Home")

Maggie informed Gary that her mother was going to be staying with them for the weekend. She texted them on her arrival, and they were surprised at how much luggage she had brought. She took that as her opportunity to inform them she would be staying longer and has left her husband. Maggie was angry with her mother, who kept insisting that after 32 years they were no longer in love. On the way to lunch, she called her father who said the same thing.

Gary held Charlotte while Delilah took some time for herself in the other room, that's when they met Elon who picked up on Delila's was sadness and ended up joining them for lunch. Delilah decided to book an appointment with him and they came along for support. During the reading, he conjured up the spirit of old who turned out to be Maggie's deceased brother. This very much this upset Maggie, and they briefly discussed it on their car ride home. Maggie was still annoyed and went for a jog when he received a text from her mother. Gary relayed the information to Maggie, insisting she joined her mom at the restaurant he had just told her about. ("Grand Canyon")

Gary was awake early and very timidly watching Maggie get ready for the morning. He continuously profusely apologized for getting involved with Maggie and her mother's business, only for Maggie to confess that she saw her mother with her new boyfriend before storming off. Later he went to visit her at her office bringing her expensive latte. They had a quick prompt to 'therapy-session', where they each confronted each other about their mothers. I believe they were interrupted by outpatient before Gary had to go into talking about his own mother. He then dropped by Delilah is bringing her diapers, and walked in to see Daniel, catching him dancing to the high school musical grease. Daniel originally didn't want to go, but Gary convinced him, as he was even in the high school musical grease when he was younger. He promised to come back later that night and help them prepare. She did as promised but wanted to know why Daniel wasn't giving it his all, and he said he was nervous to ran into his former friend. He took Charlotte with him to the audition and was pleasantly surprised to see how well Daniel did.

That night wanting to confront his own fears he called his mother only to hang up. He also helped arrange Maggie to have lunch with her mother to try and patch things up. But they were both awkwardly greeted at the door with Patricia and her new boyfriend Eric. ("Mixed Signals")

Gary is seated at the breakfast table, awkwardly across from Patricia and Eric. Neither of them know what's going on, until Maggie's mom finally confesses that Eric is the heart recipient of he son, Chad. Maggie is upset for being lied to and leaves. Gary tries to follow her in the rain, but she wants to be alone. Gary finds himself awkwardly stuck at the house with both Eric and Patricia. He later drives her to the airport, only to see Maggie crying in the arms of Eric after another horrible goodbye between mother and daughter. They drive home together, and end up at Regina's restaurant with the rest of the group. ("The Perfect Storm")

Gary is talking to Maggie while flossing his teeth, unaware she can't hear him because she is listening to her music. He asked if she wants to come with him to the anniversary of being cancer-free, but she insists she has to stage the house. Gary ends up going to the support meeting alone and brings up his concerns to the group. They tell him, Maggie is most likely just trying to move on from her cancer. Gary then meets with the boys for lunch. They briefly discuss their problems but offer no real solutions for each other. Delilah called him to join the large group family photo. There she tells Gary that she's been so distant because today she finally threw out her funeral plans. Later that night upon returning home alone, Gary finds Maggie's old funeral plans and briefly reads it. He then goes to find her at her Open Mic night, but while Eric is there, Maggie is actually playing by herself in her old apartment. ("Austin")

Maggie and Gary are walking Colin when Gary asks what she did the night before. Maggie lies and says she was at her apartment and playing the piano. Before they can get inside the house, Colin wants to relieve himself again. Gary heads upstairs, soon Maggie heads upstairs to do damage control. Only for them to both realized that Colin is missing. Frantic they both search the surrounding blocks. Soon all their friends arrive to help them look. Knowing Gary is annoyed with her Maggie volunteers to stay behind at the house. Eddie goes with Gary and they check different dog shelters. Eric stops by, but the mood changes when Gary walks in. Eric excuses himself before Maggie and Gary get into a fight. Gary admits he thinks it's incredibly bizarre how Maggie is trying to replace her dead brother with Eric, upset Maggie leaves. Frustrating Gary drives around a big truck only to be stopped by a police officer, but Eddie gets them out of a ticket. They arrive at the dog shelter, unfortunately, it's the wrong dog. However, before they leave, Eddie sees a sign for a dog that looks exactly like Charlie from a year ago. While in the car he is about to confess something to Gary when they get a phone call from Rome. They have found Colin. That night Gary thanks everyone for all their hard work, and especially Patrick. Once everyone has gone home, Gary privately apologizes to Maggie for his outburst. Maggie gives him bad news about a missing dog poster that looks exactly like Colin from a year earlier. ("Unleashed")

Gary is at the DMV waiting alongside Delilah as both Maggie and Sophie are trying out for their driver's license. Sophie gets her driver's license, but Maggie has a panic attack and doesn't even take the test. Back at home, Gary is debating on whether or not he should give Colin back to his rightful owner that he found the other week. He even goes to the old lady, Enid's house in the hopes that she is mean, only to find out she is incredibly kind and living on her own. Durring Theo's birthday party he is complexed on what to do. He leaves early and takes Colin to the park, and is hurt when he answers to his old name Wesley. Gary finally decides to give the dog back when Maggie shows up agreeing to take him. Having raced to the DMV to get her driver's license. Maggie takes the dog, leaving an emotionally upset Gary. The couple end up arriving at the old lady's house together, and both give Colin to her, she is ecstatic to have her go back. Once they get back inside the car, Maggie reveals that that was the dog from the pound, and Colin is still in the back seat. ("Ten Years")

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  • Casting describes him as someone "who is known for his deflective humor, a habit of sleeping with everyone, and complete control over his emotions".[1]
  • James Roday confirmed that Gary is of Latino descent.[2]

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