Elon is a character of A Million Little Things.


Early lifeEdit

While Regina's first restaurant was still open, she met Elon, a "very talented" psychic. They became really close as Elon used to eat at her restaurant. After the closure of her restaurant, Elon gave a reading to Regina, predicting that she would open another restaurant one day. Despite their friendship, they did not see each other since 2014. ("Grand Canyon")

Season 2Edit

Elon met with Regina Howard at her new restaurant and was eating lunch with Delilah Dixon, Gary Mendez and Maggie Bloom. Upon meeting Delilah he confided he was sorry for her loss, this led to the explanation of his job, with notable disbelief from Gary. After lunch. Delilah wanted to have private-session with him, and the next day she was accompanied by Maggie and Gary once again. During the reading he conjured up the spirit of who turns out to be Maggie's deceased brother, Chad Bloom. ("Grand Canyon")


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