Elliot is a character on A Million Little Things.


Season 1Edit

He meets with his friend Danny Dixon at his sister's father-daughter dance recital. ("Band of Dads")

Elliot showed up at Danny's house, with blue lips from a Slurpee he drank before he arrived. Later, Elliot comes to see Danny at the Suicide Prevention 5K before the start of the race. ("Secrets and Lies")

Elliot and Danny went on their first official date by seeing Ghostbusters, a film Elliot has never seen before. But after Delilah inadvertently outed him by saying that he and Danny looked "so cute together", Elliot freaked out about going on a date with a boy, since he is not open about his sexuality with his family as Danny is with his, and called his mom to come pick him up, leaving Danny heartbroken and despondent. ("The Rock")

Season 2Edit

After finishing his audition to play Kenickie for the musical Grease, Elliot was surprised to see Danny. They made brief eye contact before Elliot made his exit. He soon found out he won his role as Kenickie. ("Mixed Signals")

Elliot and Danny are talking with 2 other boys in a group, when the other boys ask Danny about kissing Sandy in Grease. One of the boys then asks Elliot "I think Haley likes you. I bet you can't wait to kiss her", to which he responds "Totally." Later during the performance of "Hopelessly Devoted", Danny tells Elliot he was hurt when he ignored him. After Danny's confession saying he wished people would be more open with their feelings and him not wanting to have his first kiss with Skylar Burns, Elliot kisses him. Elliot later asks Danny if he's going to be at the cast party. ("The Kiss")



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