Elizabeth Laime is a writer of ABC's A Million Little Things.


Early LifeEdit

Laime was born on September 19, 1979 in Houston, Texas. She has one sister. She moved to St. Louis, Missouri when she was ten and stayed there until she was eighteen.

On December 19, 1998, Laime's mother died from pancreatic cancer. At the time of her mother's death Laime was at her debutante ball an event that her mother insisted that she go through with despite her condition. Ten months later on the anniversary of her parents' wedding, her father died of a heart attack. She graduated from UC Santa Barbara at 20 years old and after a few years moved to New York City.


During her time in New York, Laime got involved with the Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre and joined the sketch Maude team Gunderson! in 2007. She also put up a one-woman show Dear Diary at the UCB Theatre in New York City and Los Angeles, and was a Time Out New York critics' pick. Her short story of a failed athletic endeavor, "Swim Team 1996", was published in the book Rejected. In the film Hotel Artemis, Laime plays the voice on the Anxiety Tape.

In 2010, Laime released the first episode of the podcast Totally Laime. She hosted the show with her husband Andy Rosen and would chat with a guest, usually an actor or improviser from the Los Angeles comedy scene. In 2011, Totally Laime won the Earwolf Challenge a reality podcasting competition where the winner was awarded a distribution contract with Earwolf. Totally Laime joined the Earwolf network and was part of the network until the show first ended in January 2015. In 2018, Totally Laime was rebooted and started releasing new episodes again, but it was no longer related to the Earwolf network.

Totally Married was a podcast that Laime hosted with her husband Andy Rosen from 2012 to 2018. This show did not feature guests and covered the married life of Laime and Rosen. The couple also answered questions about life and marriage submitted by listeners. The show ran for 335 episodes and ended in February 2018.

Totally Mommy was another podcast that Laime hosted from 2014 to 2016. The show originally featured a rotating co-host each week but eventually settled on a permanent co-host Vanessa Ragland. The show covered parenting stories from the hosts' personal lives and answered questions submitted by listeners. The show ran for 146 episodes and ended in November 2016.

In 2015, Laime wrote and developed a comedy project Crystal with ABC Studios under a production deal with Casey Wilson and June Diane Raphael. ABC ended up passing on the project and did not order it to pilot. In 2016, Laime teamed up with Tami Sagher to co-develop and co-write a comedy project Totally Laime with CBS. It was inspired by her podcast of the same name. CBS did not go forward with the project to pilot. In 2018, the script for Totally Laime was performed before a live audience and released as part of the Dead Pilot's Society podcast. The cast of the live table read included Jason Ritter, Jamie Denbo, and Lucas Neff.

In 2018, Laime was hired as a staff writer on the TruTV comedy series I'm Sorry. In 2018, she was hired as a writer on the NBC series The Village.

In 2020, Laime wrote an episode of ABC's A Million Little Things.[1]

Personal lifeEdit

Laime lives in Southern California and is married to music producer Andy Rosen. Laime and Rosen were childhood friends and went to the same middle school in St. Louis. Laime had a crush on Rosen but they lost touch when Rosen's family moved to Idaho in eighth grade. The two reunited in New York City as young adults and began a relationship shortly thereafter. The couple has one daughter and one son.

Laime is an animal rights advocate and supports gun control.

In 2018, Laime came forward along with 15 other women in a CNN article accusing New York City voice acting coach Peter Rofé of sexual assault and misconduct. Laime says Rofé sexually harassed her in 2005 when she took voice lessons with him.



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