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Edward "Eddie" Saville is a main character on A Million Little Things.


Early life[]

After forming his music band, Eddie decided to name it "The Red Ferns" after the book, Where the Red Fern Grows, that his father kept reading him when he was young. ("Grand Canyon")

Eddie and Katherine Kim married in late 2007. ("One Year Later")

Eddie was in rehab for the first three months of Theo's life. ("The Perfect Storm")

Season 1[]

Season 2[]

Eddie tells Katherine that he is the real father of Delilah's baby, not Jon. As they receive news that Delilah is in labor, a crying Katherine forces Eddie to go to the hospital, arguing that he needs to do what he did not do for Theo. There, Eddie, Rome, and Gary are waiting for the baby's arrival, and they decide to go retrieve the crib that they ordered for the baby's nursery. In the parking lot, Rome tells his friends that he wants a baby, but Regina does not. Eddie feels sorry for him when Gary says that Eddie should be in the delivery room with Delilah. As Eddie pretends to not understand, Gary admits that he took Jon to get a vasectomy two years ago, so he knows that the baby can not be Jon's. Gary convinces Eddie that he deserves to be upstairs with Delilah, so Eddie joins her. There, Regina also reveals that she understood about the baby's real paternity, and lets Eddie supporting Delilah. During the delivery, Eddie reassures Delilah that the kids do not know the truth, but that their friends do. After the delivery, as Regina announces to the group that both the baby girl and Delilah are okay, Eddie receives a phone call from Theo telling him that Katherine wants him to come home. Eddie rushes back home, only to discover that Theo is alone as Katherine decided to leave. ("Coming Home")

For the next two days, Eddie takes care of Theo alone, telling his son that Katherine is too busy with her work to come back home. He also tries to call repeatedly Katherine and her circle to discover where she left, without success. After dropping Theo at school, Eddie joins Gary and Rome at the store to retrieve the crib for Delilah's daughter. There, they learn that their order has been canceled out, as they are two days late. Eddie is frustrated by the whole situation between her daughter, Katherine, and the crib. Then, he and Gary decide to take the display model. As they put the crib in the trunk of Rome's car, Eddie receives an SMS from his mother-in-law, telling him that Katherine is with her. Eddie visits Katherine and tries to convince her to come back home, promising that he will do anything to prove that he is worthy of being her husband. However, Katherine refuses. Then, the boys go to the Dixons, where they welcome Delilah and the baby as they return home from the hospital. There, Delilah tells Eddie that she wants to name their daughter Charlotte, and Eddie tells her that Katherine left after he told her the truth about the baby. Later, the entire group takes a selfie with Charlotte in her nursery. That night, Eddie and Theo make cookies, as they hear someone coming to the door. They both get excited thinking it is Katherine, only to be disappointed when they realize it is a delivery man. ("Coming Home")

Eddie woke up beside grace only to find their son Theo in the kitchen trying to make them pancakes but settled on cereal. That night after dropping him off at his first sleep-over they had decided to go out for dinner or not wanting to relive any romantic moments they used to have at home. After finding out Grace was a shark when it came to the pool, they cast but were interrupted by a phone call from Theo wanting to come home. On the car ran home he admitted he was scared and they all decided to have dinner back at the house. ("Mixed Signals")

Eddie was originally planning to drop off his gift for the new baby with Theo before school, but Katherine needed to switch. He reminds her of the gift, and Theo insists they all go together. Delilah greets them at the door. Theo sings to everyone including Rome, who is there to babysit for the day. Eddie wants to stay as well to watch his daughter. In their pursuit to stop her from crying, they have a steam shower with her to help clear out her nose. Sophia walks in, takes a quick photo, and leaves. Eddie goes with Rome to Regina's restaurant during the blackout. Katherine meets everyone there and addresses the entire group to stop tip-toeing telling around her. ("The Perfect Storm")

Eddie and Katherine are reading Theo a good-night story when he demands to be proven right about a dinosaur fact, and when Eddie goes to look it up, he sees that Katherine is looking at places to live around America. He brings this up to his friend during break time at Rome's commercial shoot. He decides to confront Katherine about what he saw, and she admits she was looking but wants all of them to move to Austin with her. Wanting to make her feel better, Eddie takes her to an open house where they give themselves new names and identities. They then hook up in the walk-in closet. Delilah later calls them to come to her family photo-shoot, to announce the birth of her child. They agree & both show up. That night when tucking Theo into bed, he asks if they will ever have another kid. Katherine informs him they will not. Back in their bedroom, Eddie kisses her good-night before going to sleep on the couch. ("Austin")

Eddie seemingly has the day off and agrees to watch the baby Charlotte for Delilah, who agreed to be on a podcast. He soon receives a frantic phone call from Gary, that his dog is missing. Eddie calls Katherine for support, and she soon arrives at Delilah’s house to watch Charlotte so that Eddie can look for Colin. Everyone meets at Gary's house before splitting up. Eddie goes with Gary and they check different dog shelters. Frustrating Gary drives around a big truck only to be stopped by a police officer, but Eddie gets them out of a ticket. They arrive at the dog shelter, unfortunately, it's the wrong dog. However, before they leave, Eddie sees a sign for a dog that looks exactly like Charlie from a year ago. While in the car he is about to confess something to Gary when they get a phone call from Rome. They have found Colin. ("Unleashed")

Katherine and Eddie are getting ready for Theo's 10th birthday party. When arriving home Katherine tells Eddie she doesn't like the arrangement that he and Delilah made without her. She doesn't like this open secret about who baby Charlotte is. Delilah comes to him trying to persuade any back to her side but Eddie stands by his wife's choice, even bring it up during his kid's party. Delilah and Katherine ignore each other throughout most of the birthday parties. However things come to a head when the party is over, and all three argue about what to do in the front yard. Afterward, Katherine and Eddie privately celebrate his 10-year sobriety. ("Ten Years")

Season 3[]

Season 4[]


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Charlotte Dixon


  • Eddie and Katherine are divorced.
  • Eddie and Delilah only had an affair, and have never been married.


  • Casting describes him as "the former frontman of a local band turned music teacher and stay-at-home dad. His marriage is in trouble, and although he loves being a dad, he wonders what his life would have been like had he made different choices".[1]
  • In the original cut of "Band of Dads", the Orchard Circle papers were supposed to reveal that Eddie's full name was "Edward". However, it was changed back to "Eddie" in the final cut of the episode.[2]


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