Delilah Dixon (née Farache) is a main character on A Million Little Things.


Early lifeEdit

Delilah spent 26 years of her early life in France. ("Someday")

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Season 2Edit

As Delilah is in labor, Regina follows her into the delivery room. She is helping to record the day for everyone later. They are soon joined by Eddie, who tells Delilah that all their friends know about the baby's true fatherhood. Then, Eddie stays by Delilah's side until the birth of their daughter. After spending the next couple of days at the hospital, her daughter still refuses to latch on. Delilah is being berated by a nurse before Maggie stands up for her. Then, Delilah comes back home, where she and her newborn daughter are greeted by their friends and the beautifully decorated nursery, thanks to Regina. Later, in private, she asks Eddie what he thinks of the name "Charlotte" for their daughter. Eddie happily accepts the name. Eventually, Delilah opens her friends' gifts for Charlotte, and the entire group takes a photo in the new baby's room underneath Jon's jersey. That night, Delilah lets Danny give baby formula to Charlie. ("Coming Home")

Delilah was at home all day with the baby, & after Andrew stopped by, called Regina to see how business was going. Surprised to hear they had a 45-minute wait. She hung up the phone and she got a knock at the door and was very surprised to find Barbara and Mitch there. After she put Charlotte down, they asked why Jonathan had sent them half $1 million from his last will and testament. She insisted they keep the money, as it was his way of making up for not helping to raise Patrick. Mitch insisted they didn't need the money.

Later she stopped in to see Regina, feeling so desperate and hopeless, unable to fulfill the last of Jon's wishes. That's when she was introduced to Elon an old friend of Regina, who immediately picked up on the loss of her husband. She booked an appointment with him and Maggie and Gary came along for support. During the reading, he conjured up the spirit of who turned out to be Maggie's deceased brother.

The night Andrew stopped by again and brought her food while he burped the baby. She later put Charlotte down for the night. ("Grand Canyon")

Delilah started her day off with a phone call from Andrew. They both agreed to have a date-that-was-not-a-date together the next night. Later at the park with her baby when she ran into a woman her age also with a newborn. Only to find out that it was her granddaughter. She was also upset to overhear a young mother who wanted to have three kids by the time she was 30. And complained to Regina while on the phone to her.

Delilah was very nervous for her date and told her kids she was going to a meeting and was thankful to have Gary watch Charlotte and Daniel for. That Nate on their meeting that was in a date they both confessed how nervous they were, and neither were ready to move on from there spouses who had passed away. That name when talking and Theo she found out he got the role as can Kenickie in the high school musical Grease. ("Mixed Signals")

Delilah is anxious to leave Charlie alone for the day, even though she will be in the capable hands of Rome. Eddie and Kathryn surprise them with a gift for the baby. While Theo is singing to everyone, Delilah tries to apologize to Catherine in private, for having an affair with her husband, but she is too upset. At work, her and Regina have some tension between them, as Delilah doesn't feel appreciated. Regina comes up with the idea to serve strangers at the same table with each other in the dark during the blackout. Just before the lights come on everyone in their friend circle arrives at the restaurant. Katherine addresses the entire group to stop tip-toeing telling around her. ("The Perfect Storm")

Delilah is trying to organize her kids, for their announcement photo of Charlie's birth. She originally had met she only wanted Charlie in the photo, but Sophie insists on all of them doing it together. She calls up Seymour to see if he can take their photos like always, and he agrees to squeeze them in that day after finding out about John's death. She calls Maggie to complain about her issues and taking the photo. Daniel is panicking over his lost wallet. Not long after a stranger arrives at the house to return it. And it's revealed there is a photo of John's name and address inside. Upset he runs to his room not wanting a photo. Delilah again finds herself on the phone with Maggie, who suggests they try a new tradition. Delilah calls up all her friends, who agree to drop everything to come over for a big family photo. ("Austin")

Eddie seemingly has the day off and agrees to watch the baby Charlotte for Delilah, who agreed to be on a podcast. Andrew agrees to drive her there, and during the interview, she becomes upset when asked if Jonathan knew she was pregnant with her daughter. She confesses he did not and later cries to Andrew about it. Andrew confesses that his wife is not actually dead, but had a stroke and never woke up three years ago. Later that night when she returns home, she thanks Katherine and gets her Jonathan's old whiskey set. Katherine admits she no longer wants to lie to everyone about who Charlie is. This doesn't sit well with her. ("Unleashed")

Gary is at the DMV waiting alongside Delilah as both Maggie and Sophie are trying out for their driver's license. Sophie gets her driver's license, but Maggie has a panic attack and doesn't even take the test. Delilah decides to drop baby Charlotte of at Regina and Rome’s place. Back at home to celebrate her daughter getting her driver's license she presents her with the car Jonathan bought the year she was born. Presenting her with her brand-new 16-year-old car. Sophia and Daniel immediately take a ride together. Delilah is very upset to find out that Catherine wants to be open and honest about who Charlie is. At Theo's birthday party the two women ignore each other, and she's soon called away when Sophie crashes her car into a pole. She rushes to find her and hugging her says that it will be all right. Later after the party she gets into an argument with Eddie and Katherine, not wanting to tell the truth and they all go their separate ways. ("Ten Years")


FatherLenny FaracheCharlotte Farache
Jonathan DixonDelilah DixonEddie Saville
Sophie DixonDaniel DixonCharlotte Dixon


  • Delilah and Eddie only had an affair, and have never been married.


  • Casting describes her as someone "who pushes through after her husband's death for the sake of her children".[1]
  • Stephanie Szostak confirmed that Delilah is half French, half American.[2]
  • By the events of "The Game of Your Life", Delilah is 43 years old.
  • Delilah's maiden name was revealed when she wrote her full name and phone number on Jon's plane ticket in "Goodbye".[3][4]


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