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Daniel "Danny" Dixon is a main character on A Million Little Things. He is the son of Jon and Delilah Dixon.


Early life[]

Season 1[]

Season 2[]

As his mother is in the delivery room, Danny decides to pick out a baby bottle as a gift at the hospital's gift shop, happy to be a big brother. He is present with the rest of the group when Regina announces them that Delilah and her baby daughter are okay. For the next two days, Danny continues to support his mother. As she is unable to breastfeed her daughter, Danny wants to offer the baby bottle he bought, but the nurse rejects the gift, saying that his gift is the worst thing he could give a baby. Danny is hurt by what the nurse told him and leaves the room as Sophie notices his sadness. The next day, Sophie tries to comfort his brother, by telling him that their sister is finally coming back home, but Danny is still unhappy. Later, after Delilah returned home with the baby, Danny is present with the rest of the group when Delilah opens gifts and announces the name of the baby: Charlotte Dixon. Then, the entire group takes a photo in the baby's nursery under Jon's jersey. That night, Delilah lets Danny giving baby formula to Charlotte with the baby bottle he bought. ("Coming Home")

Daniel was dancing in his room to the song "Grease Lightning" from the musical Grease. He was interrupted by Gary when he came into his room unannounced. Gary immediately wanted to know what was happening, and he finally confessed that he got a call back for the musical Grease, but wasn't sure if you wanted to go because he didn't want to be called the gay kid by his schoolmates. Gary convinced him to try it, as he had done Grease in his high school musical too. He promised to help him with auditions for his callback, promising to make him the best Kenickie ever. That night while babysitting Charlotte, Gary confronted him about not putting in enough effort. Daniel admitted that he was nervous into running into his former friend Elliot who was also his former crush. Daniel was soon extremely happy to find out he didn't get the role of 'Kenickie' but instead got the lead of 'Danny Zuko'. He told his mom later that night when she came in to talk him in after her ‘meeting’ with Andrew. ("Mixed Signals")

Daniel doesn't want to take a new family photo without their dad. He is desperately looking for his wallet that he lost. Everyone is ready for the photo, but he keeps acting up and doesn't want to take it. They are interrupted with a knock at the door, a man returns his missing wallet that had their father's ID in it. He gets upset and runs away, much to Sophie’s annoyance. Their mom finds them and agrees to start a new tradition. All their parent's friends show up and take a large group photo. ("Austin")

To celebrate her daughter getting her driver's license she presents her with the car Jonathan bought the year she was born. Presenting her with her brand-new 16-year-old car. Sophie and Daniel immediately take a ride together. Later they all arrived together to celebrate Theo's 10th birthday. ("Ten Years")

Delilah eventually reveals the truth to Sophie and Danny about Charlie's real parentage and her former affair with Eddie Saville. Both Sophie and Danny are deeply hurt by what their mother just told them, and they leave her alone in the room. ("Time Stands Still")

After Sophie destroyed all of Eddie's guitars, Katherine drives her back home. Then, Sophie tells Delilah that she is the one who killed Jon, before leaving to her room. Danny watches the scene, gives an angry look to his mother, and leaves too. Three months later, Danny appears to have accepted the situation, contrary to Sophie. He tells his mother to be more patient with Sophie, as she might need time to accept it too. However, Danny is anxious that his first kiss might be the Sandy actress from his school play. At school, Elliot and Danny are talking with 2 other boys in a group when the other boys ask Danny about kissing Sandy in Grease. One of the boys then asks Elliot "I think Haley likes you. I bet you can't wait to kiss her", to which he responds "Totally." Then, Danny sees Gary flirting with his Social Studies teacher, and is hurt by that. He confesses to Gary that a kiss should not be something unimportant. Later, during the performance of "Hopelessly Devoted", Danny tells Elliot he was hurt when he ignored him. After Danny's confession saying he wished people would be more open with their feelings and him not wanting to have his first kiss with Skyler Burns, Elliot kisses him. The school play is a success. After revealing to his closed ones that Elliot kisses him, Danny is asked by Elliot if he's going to be at the cast party. ("The Kiss")

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FatherLenny FaracheCharlotte Farache
Jonathan DixonDelilah DixonEddie Saville
Sophie DixonDaniel DixonCharlotte Dixon


  • Delilah and Eddie only had an affair, and have never been married.


  • By the events of "Friday Night Dinner", Daniel is 12 years old. He turned 13 before the events of "The Sleepover". In "Junior", Danny states that he is 14.
  • Danny came out to his class on May 25, 2020. This event is depicted in "Junior".


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