Chloe Myers is a character on A Million Little Things. She was Eric's fiancée.


Early lifeEdit

At some point in her life, Chloe opened a music shop, A Guitar Is Born, on Beacon Hill, Boston. She had one colleague, Max, who also gave music lessons to some of their clients. ("The Perfect Storm", "Austin")

Chloe used to go to a coffee shop around the corner of her music shop. Unbeknownst to her, one of the other regular clients, Eric, fell in love with her but never had the courage to go up to her. After discovering where Chloe was working, Eric took a monthly rental on a clarinet as it came with lessons. However, he was disappointed when Max ended up being his teacher, not Chloe. Eventually, Eric found the courage to ask Chloe out, and she agreed. ("Austin")

However, as they started dating, Chloe was in need of a heart transplation. One day, following the death of Chad Bloom, Chloe was told that she would finally received a heart. The surgery was successful and Chloe lived. ("Guilty")

Six years later, Eric proposed to Chloe, and she agreed to marry him. To celebrate, Eric took her on a trip to Martha's Vineyard for a weekend, after renting a motorcycle. As Eric was driving, they met with an accident and Chloe died. ("The Perfect Storm", "Guilty")


Following Chloe's death, Eric took the ownership of her music store, and started working there with her old colleague, Max. ("Austin")

Season 2Edit

When Maggie learns that Eric has her deceased brother's heart, she starts meeting and talking with him about how she feels about Chad, his death and their parents, especially their mother Patricia. As a way to show her that he understands what she feels, Eric talks about Chloe, how she died and how they met. Eric also reveals that he still feels guilty about Chloe's death. ("The Perfect Storm", "Austin")


  • Casting describes her as "smart, funny and beautiful — which made her passing all the harder."[1]



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