Charlotte "Charlie" Dixon is a character on A Million Little Things. She is the daughter of Eddie Saville and Delilah Dixon.


Season 2Edit

Charlotte is born a little bit early, but nonetheless arrived in good health. After staying at the hospital for a couple of days, she still continues to refuse to latch, causing great distress to Delilah. After arriving home, Delilah names her "Charlotte" after her grandmother. She is also given her own room with Jon's jersey hanging over her crib. Later, she is eventually given baby formula by Danny. ("Coming Home")

Charlotte was crying most of the day, but Delilah put her down for her nap when Barbara Nelson and Mitch Nelson came to the door. Later that night Andrew Pollock stopped in again, helping burp the baby, while Delilah ate the food he brought her. ("Grand Canyon")

Charlotte was taken to the park by her mom Delilah. Later Gary stopped by to bring her diapers, while her mother changed her. Gary again came back later that night babysat her and even took her to her brother Daniel school doing reversal. ("Mixed Signals")

Charlie is sleeping better soon woken up by a noise at the door. Later she gets her photo taken with her family as well as her parents and all their friends. ("Austin")

Season 3Edit


Lenny FaracheCharlotte FaracheFatherMother
Lindsay Saville
Delilah DixonEddie SavilleKatherine Saville
Sophie DixonDaniel DixonCharlotte DixonTheo Saville


  • Eddie and Delilah only had an affair, and have never been married.



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