Andrew Pollock is a character on A Million Little Things.


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Before arriving at work Andrew stopped in at Delilah's, and absentmindedly mentioned that the restaurant was having trouble making bookings. This eventually got back to Regina, who confronted him when he was making new arrangements to have a credit card on hold for any parties of six or more, wanting to avoid further cancellations. Regina told him that she wanted to be apprised of everything, though he insisted he was only doing what was best for the restaurant. Later that night he stopped in again at Delilah, helping burp baby Charlotte Dixon, while she ate the food he brought her. He confessed he thought he could've handled himself better earlier when talking to Regina. Luckily for him, she left a message on his phone, telling him she was willing to take his advice. ("Grand Canyon")

Andrew had spent the morning on the phone with Delilah setting up what he would later be teased about as being a date. They both agreed a rather coyly to meet later that night for dinner. That morning he finally had his first official business meeting with Regina to revamp her restaurant. She had agreed to possibly look into a new organic-food suppliers but wasn't ready to change anything about the menu. She also agreed to see a web specialist for social media.

That night Andrew and Delilah finally went on their date- 'that wasn't in a date'. The above confessed how nervous they were having to get over the loss of a loved one, and neither were ready to move on. ("Mixed Signals")

Andrew agrees to drive Delilah to her podcast interview, and during the interview, she becomes upset when asked if Jonathan knew she was pregnant with her daughter before he killed himself. She confesses he did not and later cries to Andrew about it. Andrew confesses that his wife is not actually dead, but had a stroke and never woke up three years ago. ("Unleashed")


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