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A Million Little Stories is a podcast created and hosted by DJ Nash. It delves into behind the scenes stories and secrets about ABC's A Million Little Things.


Per its official description, A Million Little Stories features behind the scene interviews, show secrets, and other fun facts about the making of A Million Little Things. It also includes interviews with people DJ Nash has met through the show, and in his years writing for TV and doing stand up comedy all across the country.[1]

A new episode is set to be released every Thrusday, starting on April 30, 2020.[2] Each episode is meant to be "filled with a bunch of stories from life" so every week, guests have to either start or end their interview by telling a story that they want to share.[3]

Guests include series regular Romany Malco, casting director Cathy Sandrich Gelfond, series composer Gabriel Mann, singer Colin Hay, season 1 executive producer/director James Griffiths and series psychological consultant Dr. Barbara Van Dahlen.


Season 1Edit

Episode number Title Release date Length (min:sec)
Episode 101 "The Pitch"/"The Pilot"[N 1] April 30, 2020 53:24
In his first episode, DJ shares one longer story. The pitch to A Million Little Things, word-for-word, exactly what he pitched, August 9, 2017, the day he sold the series to ABC.
Episode 102 "Romany Malco" May 7, 2020 84:34
In a funny but at times moving interview, DJ talks to actor Romany Malco about their decade-long friendship, about the crazy way he came to play Rome, and about the lives that have been touched by the stories in A Million Little Things... not the least of which is theirs. And oh yeah, they also talk about Romany's upcoming movie, Tijuana Jackson: Purpose Over Prison.
Episode 103 "The Cast"/"The Casting of A Million Little Things"[N 2] May 14, 2020 69:02
In front of a virtual audience of over 50 actors, DJ speaks with the series' Casting Director Cathy Sandrich Gelfond about what it was like casting the series regulars for A Million Little Things.
Episode 104 "Gabriel Mann & Colin Hay"/"AMLT Composer Gabriel Mann with Special Guest Colin Hay"[N 3] May 21, 2020 70:40
In this episode, DJ takes an in-depth look with the show's composer Gabriel Mann at how the music and score are chosen for A Million Little Things. The first season, Colin Hay performed a special cover of his for the finale. Unbeknownst to Gabe, DJ gets Colin to show up, surprise Gabe, and perform his beautiful song.
Episode 105 "Executive Producer/Director James Griffiths" May 28, 2020 54:30
James Griffiths has made eleven pilots. Ten of them have gotten on the air. DJ spends an hour talking with his friend, Executive Producer/Director James Griffiths about taking the script to A Million Little Things and putting it on the screen.
Episode 106 "Dr. Barbara Van Dahlen"/"AMLT Consultant Dr. Barbara Van Dahlen"[N 4] June 4, 2020 86:36
Dr. Barbara Van Dahlen heads the President's task force to reduce and eliminate suicide among veterans. She took the job under one condition: she could remain the consultant on A Million Little Things. In this podcast, she and DJ talk about how they work together to accurately and sensitively bring to life the show's issues, including: depression, suicide, PTSD, sexual assault, and domestic violence.
Episode 107 "J.K. Simmons"/"J.K. Simmons (Father's Day Part 1)"[N 5] June 11, 2020 55:23
In honor of Father's Day, DJ connects with J.K. Simmons to talk to him about playing DJ's dad Mel in Growing Up Fisher. The two talk about the show, what goes into crafting a role, and the unexpected surprises of being a father.
Episode 108 "David Schwimmer"/"David Schwimmer (Father's Day Part 2)"[N 6] June 18, 2020 46:10
In Part 2 of his three-part Father's Day special, DJ talks with one of TV's most beloved stars David Schwimmer about directing the pilot to Growing Up Fisher, fatherhood, and how Schwimmer made it okay for DJ to look this way.
Episode 109 "Father's Day/Growing Up Fisher Interview"/"Growing Up Fisher Dad Interview (Father's Day Part 3)"[N 7] June 23, 2020 46:21
In Part 3 of his three-part Father's Day special, DJ talks with the most amazing man he's ever met in his life, his father, about his own experiences as a dad and what it was like having J.K. Simmons portray him on Growing Up Fisher.
Episode 110 "Comedian Royale Watkins" July 3, 2020 72:01
At the heart of it, A Million Little Things is a show about friendship. DJ spends the finale of Season 1 of the podcast with one of his best friends, comedian Royale Watkins, talking about friendship, marriage, and a million little things.
  1. Per the podcast's official website, the title of the first episode is "The Pitch". However, on the official iTunes page, the episode title is "The Pilot".
  2. Per the podcast's official website, the title of the third episode is "The Cast". However, on the official iTunes page, the episode title is "The Casting of A Million Little Things".
  3. Per the podcast's official website, the title of the fourth episode is "Gabriel Mann & Colin Hay". However, on the official iTunes page, the episode title is "AMLT Composer Gabriel Mann with Special Guest Colin Hay".
  4. Per the podcast's official website, the title of the sixth episode is "Dr. Barbara Van Dahlen". However, on the official iTunes page, the episode title is "AMLT Consultant Dr. Barbara Van Dahlen".
  5. Per the podcast's official website, the title of the seventh episode is "J.K. Simmons". However, on the official iTunes page, the episode title is "J.K. Simmons (Father's Day Part 1)".
  6. Per the podcast's official website, the title of the eighth episode is "David Schwimmer". However, on the official iTunes page, the episode title is "David Schwimmer (Father's Day Part 2)".
  7. Per the podcast's official website, the title of the ninth episode is "Father's Day/Growing Up Fisher Interview". However, on the official iTunes page, the episode title is "Growing Up Fisher Dad Interview (Father's Day Part 3)".


On May 18, 2019, DJ Nash revealed that he started working on a podcast related to his drama series, A Million Little Things. He also mentioned that he did a first technical test of his equipment with his kids that same week.[4] In October 2019, he announced that he would continue working on the podcast "as soon as [they] finish writing the scripts" for Season 2.[5]

In January 2020, Nash reiterated that development of his podcast would resume once the production of the series' second season would be wrapped.[6] On April 22, 2020, he revealed that series psychological consultant, Dr. Barbara Van Dahlen, would be a guest on the podcast.[7] The next day, Nash announced that he finished recording the first episode, and that series regular Romany Malco would also be a guest. He then mentioned that the podcast would be "out in a couple weeks".[8]

On April 30, 2020, Nash officially released the first episode of his podcast, A Million Little Stories.[2] As revealed in the first episode, "ABC has been asking [Nash] for a while to do a podcast."[3]


  • Per DJ Nash, the podcast's title is a reference to the main series', but also to the fact that he loves telling stories.[3]
  • Originally, "Romany Malco" was supposed to be the third episode of the podcast, while "The Cast"/"The Casting of A Million Little Things" was meant to be the second episode.[9][10] It is unknown why their release order was changed.

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